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We are music producers that is established in Norway over 30 years. We are also subpublisher of Humaitá Music Publishing, that works with managing and administering of copyright and literary rights of many artists in Brazil.


Quintal Brasil

Year: 2012 Euclides Amaral,Writer, Poet and Lyricist, producer and MPB researcher. Euclides this album shows its partners in the compositions and merges with the poetry. Serial number: IMR-010/12 Author: Euclides Amaral Publisher: Ipê Mundi Records

Receita para a vida

LATINI`S music is more than Brazilian. He has lived in Norway sice the early eighties and this country has made its mark on him yet at the same time he has kept a close watch on what is happening in Brazil – probably the most vital music nation in the world today. It is so […]


Cristina and Claudio Latini are a musical couple from Brazil. Claudio is a composer, singer and guitar player. Cristina writes the lyrics and sing. They have lived in Norway since 1982. During this time they have performed and toured with many of Norways leading musicians. The have released the following records and CDs: Sol e […]

Sol e cachaça & Cor de dendê

Year: 2001 Serial number: IPR-005/01 Compilation album – “Sol e Cachaça” & “Cor de Dendê” Author: Claudio & Cristina Latini This album is a collection of Sol e cachaça LP, released in 1986 and Cor de dendê LP released in 1990 Between 1983 and 1991 we played with great Norwegian musicians in the jazz-clubs in […]

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